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About us

Sterile injectable drugs

Since 1925 Lisapharma is mainly active in the production and development of sterile injectable drugs and it plays an important role in more than 40 countries worldwide.

In July 2015 the company has been acquired by ARCADIA SGR and FUTURIMPRESA SGR, two Italian private equity funds.

The manufacturing site, based in Erba (Como, Italy), is fully compliant with the GMP requirements both in Italy and in a broad number of international markets where the company generates most of its turnover.

The company not only owns a number of Marketing Authorizations in Italy and abroad, for products which are manufactured internally, but its production facility acts as a contract manufacturer for Italian and multinational companies.

Lisapharma is well known by the high quality of its products, people and know-how; those skills have allowed Lisapharma to become a key partner for sophisticated pharma players.
The company employs 90 people.
Production facility

The production facility consists of:

  • injectable production lines (liquid in vials and in ampoules, manufactured in asepsis or terminally sterilized; sterile powder in vials aseptically filled);
  • semisolid product lines (gels, creams, ointments);
  • non sterile liquid line (liquids and solutions, suspensions, syrups, eardrops).

Lisapharma’s research and development activities take place through a strong liaison with a number of Universities, discovering and developing new high tech products for innovative drug delivery.

Quality control

Quality control

While using equipments at high technology level, quality control avails itself of qualified and expert professionals, who can guarantee the best chemical-physical controls aligned with the current European Guidelines.

  • Chemical controls (HPLC, gas chromatography, TOC, spectrophotometry...).
  • Microbiological controls (sterility tests, Microbial Loads, LAL test).
  • Chemical-Physical controls.
  • Confirmation of analytic methods, cleaning procedures, disinfectants.
  • Stability analysis according to ICH.